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Hey everybody! This is the OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL last post for downtown_sassy! I still plan to keep it, but I'll only use it for icon updates or something. Or maybe now, I'll have an RP JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL.

I'm glad all of you are standing by me with my new journal and friending me again. You all have helped me greatly with emotional strife, roommate troubles, and cheering me up when I was down. I love you all, really. Don't worry though, I'm always still Downtown...and SASSY SASSY SASSY.

Tomorrow I'll find some cool ass meme and make my journal extra swanky...color bars, stolen contact post. Something like THAT THAT THAT.

So make sure to COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT on my first post, I LOOK FORWARD TO THE CRACK. I'll just do it at work. Because I'm responsible like that.

ok brb the simpsons are on
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This never works or gets any response, but I'll try it on here, and maybe that will actually give me some material to work with.

Icon Request
- Give me a fandom, or specific cap of an anime you want made into an icon.
- Give me about a day at most, and I'll make it for you.
- I am willing to color manga.
- Everybody gets one.
- When I'm done with all requests, they will be posted as a set. You will be notified when I've done yours.
- Requests open for one week only.

Cmon' now people. I do this all the time, and nobody bites. Gimmie some practice. I'd hate to think I'm that bad at it.

Edit: This is tagged as icon request. So, if you want to check back on the status of your icon, just click the tag on the nav bar. (Its on the right.)
(RPG - Emiko)

Julia Icons

I get ahead of myself too easily. I'm getting that anticipation I always get before a RP starts. I had to make Julia icons in case I do get her, but they came out great. I need to post them nao. Anyway, I always go for one theme when I make icons for a RP character. I loved these textures.